Why You Need Google My Business

Running a business is a lot of work.

Finding clients is hard work.

Getting your name out there feels like a daily struggle.

However, you can do something simple for your business that could make a huge impact. That thing? Google My Business.

Setting up your GMB listing is easy-peasy. If you don’t already have a Google account, you will need one to sign up for GMB here.

You don’t need to have a storefront to set up a GMB account – I don’t have an office, but I serve a geographic location. The majority of web users use Google as their search engine. Don’t you want to show up when they are searching for your keywords? YES!

Set up is simple. At a minimum, enter your business name, phone number, store hours (if applicable), location, and a short business description.

You can get fancier with it to boost your search ranking. Try entering some posts about your business. Add an event you have coming up. Post some images of your storefront, your office, your merch, whatever you have to show off. You can even include your products or services.

One of the most significant benefits of GMB is users can post reviews and their images to your GMB listing.

And all of this is FREE.

Who doesn’t love free advertising?

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